Building a Conditional Random Fields Tagger for Academic Citations

Over the weekend, I built a system that identifies, parses and formats unstructured academic citations. The system is not running anymore, because I didn't want to pay for hosting, but the source code is still available on github.

It can take a raw string like "Wang, L.-P.; Titov, A …

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What's new in MSMBuilder3!

The long awaited beta of MSMBuilder3 is here! I put together a short slide deck, which builds on some of Kyle Beauchamp slides, showing how the pieces fit together.

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Deploying with Travis-CI and S3

Travis-CI is fantastic for testing software (continuous integration) during open-source development. Less widely known, I think is how useful it can be for deployment.

With travis-ci, you have full access (passwordless sudo) access to a fresh Ubuntu virtual machine that runs automatically on every commit to your github repository. Sure …

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