New website!

This is my first post on this new website! I went ahead and purchased the domain to try to consolidate my material on the web.

The domain was registered through GoDaddy, and its DNS settings were configured through Amazon Route53. This site itself is simply static HTML/CSS/JS, and is generated using Pelican, a staticd site generator powered by Python.

Because the site is statically generated, it can be served cheaply (i.e. from just an S3 bucket). I can author the content in my standard editor in plain text (Markdown), and easily version control it. I chose Pelican because it was written in Python and licensed under the GNU AGPL, which means that I'll have the ability to customize any aspect of the site. I know that Jake VanderPlas's blog is written using the same tools, and he's found some very cool ways to embed IPython notebooks into the Pelican blog, which is something that I'm very excited about. See this post for an example.